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Troubleshooting: wordpress can't login

26 Jul 2011

I keep cookies in my browsers all the time, so it had been long since the last time I perform a Login action to my Wordpress site. But today, when I tried to log into my dashboard on another computer, a problem arose.

After I clicked on the "Log In" bottom, the browser just redirected me to the home page or reloaded the login page. And I am still logged out. I am very sure that I entered the right username and password because when I tried a pair of incorrect ones, wordpress worked correctly by telling me a login error.

I googled this problem. It seems that I am not the first one who has encountered this error. I tried to follow the methods on the Internet such as deleting cookies, modifying some php files, removing the .htaccess file, etc., but none of them worked. I tried to recall the recent modifications of my site. But I did minor changes frequently these days and I cannot remember when was the last time I logged in correctly. Worse still, I used to have a logged in session on my working computer. But I lost it when I tried to find out if this is due to a browser error. So I can no longer access to my dashboard.

Finally, I disabled all the plugins by renaming the "plugins" directory in wp-content to "plugins.bak" from ssh (or you can do the same thing via FTP if you don't have ssh access). Then the login function worked. After logged in, I opened the "Plugins" page in order to deactivate all the plugins in wordpress core settings. Then I renamed the "plugins" directory back and refresh the "Plugins" page. Now all the plugins were deactivated and the login function worked correctly. After that, I activated the plugins one by one and tested the login function at the same time. At last, I found out that it was due to a plugin called Wordpress-HTTPS. Since I didn't use this plugin much, it was uninstalled and now everything works fine.

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