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Email address at my own domain

08 Dec 2023

Enabled my own email address @gnailuy.com using Cloudflare and Gmail for free. Here is a brief note.

Step 1

My domain name is hosted in Cloudflare and they support Email routing. I need only one email address so I just added a custom address and setup a custom routing to forward all emails sent to here to my Gmail inbox.

Cloudflare dashboard

To this point, I can receive emails with my address but cannot send email from it. I need an SMTP server to do this and thanks to Gmail they offer free SMTP.

Step 2

To send or reply mail from my address, I can add my new email address as an alias in Gmail. Follow the below steps to use Gmail's SMTP.

  1. Make sure my 2FA is enabled on my Google account.
  2. Go to my Google Account to create an App Password for later use.
  3. Open Gmail settings and find: Settings -> Accounts and Import -> Send mail as.
  4. Add my new email address and check the Treat as an alias option.
  5. In the next step, use the below information:
Key Value
SMTP Server smtp.gmail.com:587
Username My Gmail address
Password The new App Password I just created

Keep the default TLS option checked.

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